Other Services

The document management and records storage industry has changed a lot over the past decade.  More and more, businesses are turning to electronic access and delivery methods over traditional “face-to-face” file retrievals, media backup rotation services, etc. However, we continue to offer choices for our clients as it’s our mission to provide services that fit everyone’s needs and budgets for every stage of the document life cycle.

With our traditional records management services, you can:

  • Request a retrieval or pick up through our secured online portal OR just give us a call to place your order
  • Secure your backup media through daily, weekly or monthly tape rotations
  • Get FREE delivery and a lifetime guarantee on our storage cartons
  • Catalog and index your records at a file level as well as a box level for easy recall
  • Purge your file room and have your files transported to one of our secured records centers
  • Store bulk paper, hardware, furniture and more on pallets
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