InfoHost is a digital file hosting & instant access software that allows for immediate, secure location of files from any computer with internet access.  Whether you are working remotely or at your office, authorized users can utilize multiple search options along with keyword search to access any file type within seconds.

InfoHost is an ideal solution for when immediate file access is required for business purposes, your company has limited server space, or when files need to be accessed from multiple locations by many users.  Additionally, by digitizing and storing files online with InfoHost, it preserves them in their current condition and provides a secure back-up in the event that you need to work remotely or your office space becomes unavailable.

Restricted user access based on file types allows for enhanced file organization (i.e. HR files only accessed by authorized users).  And why put additional strain on your IT resources when you can let the document management pros at InfoResources help?  Call today for a demonstration or a consultation by our talented team.

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